Case Dismissed

Sunday, March 26, 2006
The case against Afghani Christian Abdul Rahman has been dismissed. I do not pray often, but I will admit I prayed for this man. And I still do.

This incident points out once again that democracy is a process not an event. Do we have the patience to stick with it? I think that remains to be seen.


David Thomson said...

"Do we have the patience to stick with it?"

Do we have patience with the stuck parachute cord? Sometimes one doesn't have a realistic option. Let’s get this straight. We either push the Muslim world into the 21st Century---or Armageddon is right around the corner. Choosing isolationism is essentially the same thing as deciding to commit suicide.

Pastorius said...

Yes, we need to keep pushing them into Democracy, but we also need to understand that what they have now is not a Free Society. They have the classic Fear Society as defined by Natan Sharansky.

The people of Afghanistan are not free.

Bostonian said...

"the neocon fantasy of shoving democracy down their throats by the barrel of a gun"

I saw a lot of purple fingers when the Afghans voted, but I didn't see any guns pointed at those people. Did Mother Jones have different photographs?

Rick Ballard said...

Sorry Bostonian, there is only one person whose comments are deleted on sight and you happened to run accross him before his comment was noticed.

You did manage to capture the essence of the reason that he is not welcome here, though. Mindless Kosling assertions unmoored from reality are just tiresome.

I think his preferred news source is Granma Internacional, though. Mother Jones is a rightist shill to him.

terrye said...

I saw a post at gatewaypundit {I think} about a young Afghan woman in the Parliament there. The people of Afghanistan are way behind and it will take a lot of citizens like the women brave enough to run for parliament to make a difference. But it will take a very long time. I just wonder if we will give up on them. But like david points out, the choices are limited.

gumshoe1 said...

someone posted yesterday that
if the man was released,both he and the judge would be
"unlikely to survive" the dismissal.

my prayers for them both.

Afghanistans's new gov't wouldn't have been worth much,imo,without this decision.

why are cases like this not
brought before the UN?

DOn't they have a "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"
thing or something?

did Bolton present this case to the UN or even make casual mention of such a gesture?

David Thomson said...

"the neocon fantasy of shoving democracy down their throats by the barrel of a gun"

The moderate Muslims must be allowed the opportunity to liberalize their political and economic institutions. We must prevent the more radical elements from getting in their way. And we should not hesitate even for a moment in shoving democracy down the throats of the villains by the barrel of a gun. Thugs, after all, should not be dictating terms to decent people. We are not truly doing anyone favors. If nothing else, our own self preservation is involved.