Anti everything

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
George Bush gave a press conference today and judging from the transcript I have linked to I wish he would do more of them.

As the debate concerning civil war vs civil unrest continues I can not help but notice the delight of the antiwar movement at the very thought of civil war in Iraq. Sure people will die, but hey, it will drive down Bush's numbers and that is all that counts to these folks.

I left the Left for the simple reason that they were anti everything, especially the United States. So far as I know the antiAmerican Left never liberated anyone, never airlifted in supplies to feed, clothe and shelter people, never righted a wrong, never rescued a people facing genocide, never fought an epidemic and never brought hope to millions.

They blame, they are the aplogists of dictators and tyrants the world over, they delight in the misery of others and now it seems they have become the official fan club of Saddam Hussein.

I do not know what will happen in Iraq, but I do know that any regime that trained its Fadayeen to be tough by ordering them to kill children and feed old ladies to starving dogs was not going to be a source of good in the region. But I think the more interesting thing is the willingness of the Left to completely ignore the brutal nature of Saddam's regime while at the same sanctimoniously lecturing us chicken hawks on the sanctity of life. As far as they are concerned it makes perfect sense that the people of Iraq and the greatest military in the world should be defeated by a thousand suicide bombers. In fact it seems they yearn for it.

So what is this really? The rebellion of teenagers against the father figure? The feeling of being cool and cynical and chic while speaking truth to power? Kind of like George Clooney, a movie star who can spend more money catering a party than most Americans live on in a year, standing up for the little guy. Do they believe their propaganda? Probably.

But that does not change the fact that America is the best hope of the world today. If we fall, we take a lot of people with us. And all those people who hate America for the sake of hate have nothing to offer but malice.

If I am wrong, then name the one good thing the forces of antiAmericanism have accomplished. Tell me what they stand for.

So far as I can tell they are just one big black hole of despair...they are antihope, antifreedom, antioppurtunity and antifuture.


truepeers said...

hear hear. Terrye, you are giving me the motivation to write up a post on the nightmare of anti-American, (kind of) anti-Saddam, anti-sanctions, anti-war, anti-everything rhetoric I attended last night. Nothing is ever good enough (or least bad enough) for today's left, so how do they ever make any connection to human reality?

Pastorius said...

Well jeez, I don't disagree with anything you said, so I don't have anything to argue about this time.

I do have this to say. They believe their rhetoric. I have friends like this, and they believe. They just have a whole alternative universe set up based upon Chomskyite inventions. In their universe, America ruins everything it touches and then attempts to murder our way out of taking responsibility, and then we steal the resources of the nations whose leaders we have murdered while setting up new puppet governments, etc.

It's amazing the stuff I here.

ex-democrat said...

bravo terrye - spoiled brats, most of them

terrye said...


We never argue, we might have a slight disagreement as to approach but we see things pretty damn much the same.

Speaking of Chomsky I just got the book 'Do as I Say [Not as I Do]' and it has some interesting stuff about Chomsky and his finances, seems the man is quite the capitalist. Hypocrite that he is. stock market, real estate, you name it.
I have a friend who thinks Bush is spying on her through her TV so she refuses to have internet hook up at home.

These kinds of delusions are impossible to deal with. I have told people to leave. I am not talking about love it or leave it..but I have moved because I hated a place or felt it was bad for if these folks are so disgusted they should go just go Cold Turkey on the Great Satan and move somewhere nice like Venezuala and Saudi Arabia.

Morgan said...

The anti-everything crowd isn't really anti-everything, of course.

They still love Communism, even if they no longer call it by name. And they love the idea of counterculture.

Which, I suppose, is why I'm always struck by how stuck in old modes of behavior they are when they gather in groups; it's like they're acting out a countercultural ritual.

So you get warmed-over rhetoric applied to whatever is going on today, regardless of its appropriateness to today's world. "Quagmires" in the desert. "Carpet bombing" with pinpoint precision. "Freedom fighters" who deliberately target children, and on the other hand "baby killers" who go to extraordinary lengths to protect innocent lives.

But even more striking than the rhetoric is their need to dress the part, to make themselves up, if only for a few hours, as a sort of neo-hippie protester-type person. Peace signs and tie-dye. Scraggly beard for the most committed to "the cause".

Bolstering my contention that it's all a paean to counterculturalism is the fact that all the counterculture groups gather to "support" one another; each holding up signs proclaiming their pet yesterday's slogan at the others' "protests".

I find it all weird and off-putting.

Barry Dauphin said...

It's not called communism anymore. It's called "the response to global warming."

vnjagvet said...

I heard almost the whole thing this morning, and thought it was one of the President's best performances in a "presser".

I don't know how the transcript reads, but his answers were connected and he took no guff. It was strictly "what you see is what you get".

His use of the aging Helen Thomas as a foil was priceless. Almost as if it were rehearsed. He should keep that clip for posterity.

And he should continue this kind of thing at least twice a month. For the good of the country.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Powerful, very powerful. Well done.

Seneca the Younger said...

By the way, I caught the press conference and he kicked ass and took names.

In fact, I meant to post something to the effect of "Something is up: Bush is way more relaxed than he ever is."

MAYBE he's just been freed by that re-election (take THAT, Dad!) but I don't think so. I think he's got something up his sleeve.

truepeers said...

Apparently Bush gave up the teleprompter for this one and went in unscripted.

David Thomson said...

"I think he's got something up his sleeve."

President Bush now probably realizes that he must stay in front of the cameras. This is the best way for him to get his message out. Remaining in the background only allows the leftist media to dominate the national debate. Should he have done it sooner? Yes, but it’s better late than never.

Rick Ballard said...


"Up his sleeve" - Heads up from DoJ on some indictments coming in re NSA?

I know that would cheer me up.

DT - You may be right. It's a bit early for him to start but I expect a very strong campaign effort from him. If he can put enough effort into the coming election to pick up even a few seats he will set a record for consecutive positive elections.

I keep wondering if he'll make a strong Congressional effort in '08. He may.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I keep wondering if he'll make a strong Congressional effort in '08. He may.

Senator from New York?

gumshoe1 said...

"President Bush now probably realizes that he must stay in front of the cameras. This is the best way for him to get his message out."

Dick Morris made that very point
two or three days ago.

terrye said...

Good morning America!!!![I always wanted to say that]

I think Bush handles people a lot better than his detractors say he does, so yes he should get out there.

I missed the thing, but then again I have not been watching TV lately so I only hear about this stuff after the fact.

Eric Blair said...

Spoiled brats.

I've been saying that for close to 20 years now. I first noticed it in college, and nothing I've seen since has caused me to doubt it.

Seneca the Younger said...

... and that's not music, that's just noise.

Knucklehead said...

Of course he has "something up his sleeve"! He's got his brownshirted, jackbooted stormtroopers gathering in secret locations waiting to sieze the country. He knows he never has to face another election - he's Just Like Hitler (tm).

But, but... Terrye...

So far as I know the antiAmerican Left never liberated anyone,

But what they want, their goal, is to liberate everyone from the tyranny of Social Injustice (tm). And if they could just somehow prevent wrong-thinking people from voting or, worse yet, standing for election or, better yet, make wrong-thinking illegal and forbidden and extinct, we'd be oh so much closer to Social Justice (tm).

never airlifted in supplies to feed, clothe and shelter people,

The "support", at least in the ideological sense and often in the financial sense, the UN and NGOs and the Peace Core and Doctors without Frontiers. How can you say the "never" did those things? Those are the very things they "care" about!

never righted a wrong,

Oh, but they are trying so darned hard. "A" for effort here, comeon. They are trying, in their hearts and minds, relentlessly and tirelessly to right the wrong of America and its Savage Capitalism (tm).

never rescued a people facing genocide,

They can't do everything! They've got their hands full Speaking Truth To Power (tm) about the rampant genocides of the past perpetrated on the Authentics (tm) and Sustainable Societies(tm) by Western Imperialism (tm). Someday today's genocides will be Genocides of the Past (tm) and they'll Speak Truth to Power (tm) about them. Stuff takes time.

never fought an epidemic and never brought hope to millions.

Now that's just unfair! They fight against the epidemics of Wrong Thinking (tm), Expanding Carbon Footprints (tm), Destruction of the Rainforests (tm), Mass Extinction of Species and Habitat Encroachment (tm), not to mention Social Injustice (tm), with Every Fiber of Their Being. Their thoughts never leave the realm of fighting epidemics!

So what is this really? The rebellion of teenagers against the father figure? The feeling of being cool and cynical and chic... .

Well, yeah. It is all those wonderous things they achieved while sophomores and pledged themselves to hold dear forever. They said they'd never sell out and they haven't. They remain steadfastly true to eternal sophomorism. Nineteen forever - how can you begrudge them their Fountain of Youth?

Seneca the Younger said...

And you didn't make this last comment a post why?

David Thomson said...

“Dick Morris made that very point two or three days ago.”

Dick Morris has helped me immeasurably to understand more clearly what the president needs to do for the rest of his term. Bush may have earlier thought that “action speaks louder than words.” One should merely do the right thing , and eventually the world will acknowledge your efforts. Sadly, this doesn't always happen. The world is not always fair. You are sometimes compelled to bang on your own drum.

terrye said...


What the hell are expanding carbon footprints?

Knucklehead said...

You don't know what your carbon footprint is? Sigh... Well, that just proves your an eco-terrorist, you Gaia choking so and so!

Go here and you can calculate yours.

Rick Ballard said...


I bought a pair of snowshoes - I wasn't happy with the size of my original carbon footprint. They store nicely in the spare HumVee.