Monday, March 20, 2006

NSA Leak Investigation and the Democrats

From today's American Spectator: "On Thursday afternoon, [Senate Democrat Leader Harry] Reid took heat from some members for his soft response to Republicans who called Democrat bluffs on a censure vote against President Bush for the NSA overseas terrorist monitoring program.

"According to sources with knowledge of the closed-door meeting, Reid pushed back on his colleagues, telling them that it wasn't a good idea to vote to censure anyone with ties to the NSA program, particularly since there was a criminal investigation underway to determine who had leaked the NSA program's specifics, and that investigation could enmesh one or more of their own."


Rick Ballard said...


I vote we rename Title 18 Section 798 the "RockeKeller Act" in honor of its most famous transgressors. Dingy Harry knows what's coming and he's a bit perturbed at Feingold's gift to the Republican Party.

"one or more" - I've got Rockefeller and Durbin on the scorecard and I'm hoping to add Levin. Feingold's going to get his wish for a censure vote. It's just not going to be exactly the person whom he first suggested. He should stick with crafting a "Terrorist's Rights Act" - he's certainly qualified to write one.

David Thomson said...

"On the Senate side, Sen. Harry Reid and his chairman of the DSCC, Sen. Chuck Schumer, continue to press the anti-war rhetoric as key to their success."

God must love Karl Rove and the Republicans. Many American voters have serious misgivings concerning the war, but they do not want the United States to lose! Don’t believe me? Just ask George McGovern. Antiwar campaigns are doomed to fail when the nation is already in the midst of battling the enemy. They are reasonably successful only before the action starts. The American Firsters of the pre-World War II era, for instance, were viable until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The day afterwards---their movement virtually disintegrated.

Syl said...

The censure proposal just seems like such a stupid thing to do and I don't consider Feingold a stupid man. I don't think it's just because of his hopes to be a 2008 candidate.

I'm thinking it may also be an attempt at 'cover' for the Dems. If Bush is censured for the NSA program, the hope would be for public disapproval of any indictments for bringing awareness of the program to the public. Make it Bush's fault, not theirs.

Rick Ballard said...


I believe that Feingold was going for a twofer - provide a butt cover for Rocky and friends in the Senate and for Keller and the NYT. He's definitely not stupid in the "measureable intelligence" sense but he's as big a buffoon as McCain wrt political intelligence - and skill.

terrye said...

Or maybe Feingold is just looking out for number 1.

Charlie Martin said...

God must love Karl Rove and the Republicans.

"God protects fools, drunks, and the united States of America."