"If You Won't Name the CIA Leaker, I Will"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Byron York writes: Libby to Fitzgerald: If You Won’t Name the CIA Leaker, I Will about the latest Libby court filing.

The motion says, "The defense may call Mr. Powell to testify about a September 2003 meeting at the White House during which he is reported to have commented that everyone knows that Mr. Wilson's wife works at the CIA. At the same meeting, Mr. Powell also reportedly mentioned a 2002 meeting during which Ms. Wilson suggested her husband for the CIA mission to Niger."

"Fitzgerald will no doubt work hard to keep these issues out of the courtroom during what he contends is a straightforward perjury case. But surely what Libby is accused of lying about will ultimately be part of the trial. And it is in that way that Fitzgerald may have backed himself into a corner."


David Thomson said...

"But is that what his investigation — now in its third year — was really about?"

This investigation almost certainly deteriorated into some sort of ego trip for Patrick Fitzgerald. He fell in love with his press clippings. Fitzgerald wanted to prove to the MSM that he was truly independent of the White House---and would slime the Bush administration in any way possible. It evidently clear from almost the very beginning that no law was broken. When will left-wing book publishers be able to offer Fitzgerald a lucrative book deal? In back of his mind, this is probably what it “was really about.”

ex-democrat said...

i'm not so sure fitz is politically driven - it may have more to do with the greater importance that a prosecutor naturally puts on the public's perception of his office's power. we often come to believe passionately in that which benefits us in some way. Any prosecutor's job becomes much easier if the witnesses would just tell the truth. i wouldn't be surprised if fitz really believes in his own rhetoric.

btw, didn't Maguire at JOM finger Amitrage ages ago?

perakojot said...

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