Sunday, March 19, 2006

President Cheney

Impeaching Bush would be a disaster for our country. And, if he were to be impeached, what would the Democrats gain? President Cheney.American Future


brylun said...

I wouldn't want Bush to be impeached, but I would love a Cheney presidency. It's too bad he won't run.

terrye said...

I think this is why Bush picked Cheney. Insurance.

I am still refusing to watch TV news but I guess Durbin was on blowing off in an interview with Chris Wallace about how they will impeach Bush if they can. On what grounds? He pisses them off is not an impeachable offence.

Oh yes, the NSA program. These yahoos do not even have the balls to vote on Feingold's censure and now they are talking about impeachment? Gimme a break.

One more way to get every Republican out there to vote, whether they are happy with Bush or not.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


The hatred has gone way over the top. These people actually believe their own BS at this point.

But, let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. We're not without our hatred of "leftists" right here on this blog.

terrye said...


This is true.

Everybody has something they get just plain unreasonable about.

I thought a lot of folks were over the top about Clinton too.