Jonah Goldberg

Thursday, March 23, 2006
The fact that Hussein turned out to be bluffing about WMD isn't a mark against Bush's decision. If you're a cop and a man pulls out a gun and points it at you, you're within your rights to shoot him, particularly if the man in question is a known criminal who's shot people before. If it turns out afterward that the gun wasn't loaded, that's not the cop's fault. Read it at the LA Times, it'll piss off Barbra Streisand.


David Thomson said...

I believe I made the same argument a long time ago. Sigh, we are compelled to restate the obvious. The hard core leftists could care less about following a logical argument. President Bush is supposedly another Hitler---and nothing more needs to be added.

terrye said...

Well I have to say that we might never really know if Saddam was bluffing or not, of if the weapons were sold or hiden, or if he had chemicals but no biologicals, or if we was just waiting to start up again. The truth is if we had not invaded we would not know the little we do know. People would still be wondering what was there.