How Much Does a Wall Cost?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If it was built by the Clinton Department of Justice on the foundation of the FISA law, the answer is about 3,000 lives. As Russ Feingold babbles about a 'Terrorist Rights Act' disguised as a censure of the President, an FBI agent - testifying for the defense - in the Mossaoui death penalty case, laid out the obfuscatory DoJ process popularly known as 'Gorelick's Wall'. It should actually be known as 'Reno's Wall' because she was the motivating force behind its erection.

Harry Samit certainly seems to know whereof he speaks and I have yet to read a more chilling indictment of the stupidity involved in denying the sharing of intelligence that could be used to prevent terrorist attacks on the basis of bureaucratic inertia occasioned by the difficulty in obtaining FISA warrants.

Russ Feingold wants a higher and stronger wall for the trrorists to hide behind. What a progressive idealist and what a total cretin - but I repeat myself.


Glenmore said...

"'Reno's Wall' because she was the motivating force behind its erection."
That's the ONLY erection she ever caused.

ex-democrat said...

rick - i'm not an expert on this, but wasn't the wall problem (and FISA problem) exacerbated here by the actions of FBI staffers Maltbie and Frasca?
My (limited) understanding is that Maltbie gutted the FBI's FISA request by denying the connection between al qaeda and chechen rebels.

Rick Ballard said...


There is a meme that runs "FISA rubber stamps practically all requests for warrants". Multiply Maltibie and Frasca's inertia by a thousand agents/supervisors and 9/11 is easy.

FISA and the Bolton Amendment were part of the Commie Protection Program run by 'right thinking' progressives of the Frank Church stripe - Russ Feingold is only the current iteration. The 'FBI as Secret Police' era ended with Hoover's death (I have often wondered if he and Beria share the same circle of hell). Mark Felt as 'Deep Throat' actually destroyed Nixon for daring to try and dismantle the FBI/Secret Police and Hillary tried to reinstitute it with Bubba's election.

Since Nixon, Clinton is the only President to use federal agencies as means of political coercion - vide Barret and the improper use of the IRS.

I wish the DoJ would get some NSA/798 indictments out so that some of this can be hammered out on the internet but this Moussaoui trial will have to do for the moment.