More Saddam Docs

Saturday, March 18, 2006
Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard has been following the translation of captured Iraqi documents for quite some time. He has a long and very detailed piece up that includes the following quote concerning the Saddam Fedayeen:

Preparations for "Blessed July," a regime-directed wave of "martyrdom" operations against targets in the West, were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion.

There is also an interesting part concerning Libya's support of the Phillipine terrorist organization Abu Sayaf via disguised via payment of ransom for kidnapped victims of Sayaf. That's a nice twofer - gain public acclaim for humanitarian behavior by supporting terrorists.


terrye said...

I have wondered about the relationship of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nicholson with all this.

I know they had some connections in the Phillipines but so far as I know the government has stated there is no connection between them and any mideastern terrorists. So far as I know there has never been any explanation given for the trips Nichols made to the Phillipines.

There are still a lot of people in Oklahoma who wonder about that, especially considering the fact that McVeigh was not only a veteran... he was a veteran who felt that Saddam had been badly treated in the Gulf War.

People can think that is crazy if they want, but look at the last several years since the firt Gulf war. We know there was a connection between Iraq and the first attack on the WTC through the chemical man Yasin who disappeared the month of the invasion.

Then there was an attempt on Bush 1's life. Then came all the other attacks in Africa and the mideast etc.

And here, right in the heartland we have an attack by two Americans who are pissed about what? Waco? Come on....

Rick Ballard said...

Laurie Mylroie and Frank Gaffney sure feel the same way.

Perhaps the answer is in the untranslated Saddam docs. I think both Iran and Iraq use cutouts every minute of every day around the world.

terrye said...


I remember the world before the mullahs took over in Iran and while I know that all the oil wealth and WW2 and Israel as a target have impacted on international terrorism, it seems to me there are common denominators in the world wide spread of terrorism as both weapon and propaganda. Maybe it is all just one big coincidence, but I wonder.

Syl said...

Maybe it is all just one big coincidence, but I wonder.

And to top it all off, multi-culturalism rose in the West making it more difficult to confront the forces gathered around.

Was that a co-incidence too? I think not. Edward Said, an Islamist, got the ball rolling with his book and lectures on Orientalism.

The push has been on for a few decades.

terrye said...


But I have the feeling people are pushing back. Low polls for Bush do not translate into a win for the forces of weenie hood.

David Thomson said...

“Low polls for Bush do not translate into a win for the forces of weenie hood.”

The odds favor the Republicans in November. Bush’s low poll numbers will not translate into victory for the Democrats. The idiot Left will drag them down.

terrye said...


That and maybe his numbers will be better then.

David Thomson said...

Most Americans are not obsessed with politics. We must never forget that we are a bunch of statistical weirdoes. The typical voter will not pay attention to the election until sometime in September.

I would prefer that the polls currently favored President Bush. Only a fool would say anything to the contrary. Still, the November elections will not be focussed solely on the president. Other issues will be on the table.

Peter UK said...

The question that never gets asked is,"Why wouldn't Saddam Hussein get a terrorist group to do his dirty work?"
He is a gangster whose power rests on the ability to exact vegeance,Desert Storm made him look impotent,the Middle East is the natural home of the blood feud,there was every reason for Saddam Hussein to show that he had a long reach.
BTW,The documents are coming out at a very opportune moment,who knows what will have been translated by November?

Rick Ballard said...

"The documents are coming out at a very opportune moment,who knows what will have been translated by November?"

Just luck, I suppose.

Peter UK said...

Yes nothing for a couple of years,then they get round to clearing the backlog.
It mustn't be thought that Al Qaeda Iraq is a subsidiary of al Qaeda International,these are two totally unconnected companies with separate boards of directors and registered in completelt different countries.
People should not be mislead by the similar corporate dress code and operating procedures.That both companies have the same investors is just a coincidence,international finance is like that.