Thursday, March 30, 2006

Old Glory Fights Back!

From the Amherst Times:

American flag: $25
Gasoline: $2
Cigarette Lighter: $2.50

Catching yourself on fire because you are a terrorist a__ hole: PRICELESS!


terrye said...

That'll teach em.

This is not funny Uncle Robert was one mean hombre. I loved the guy, but he was rough. When he was serving in North Africa in WW2 he came into contact with some Arabs and he said they were always bugging him for a smoke, he rolled his own. day this really persistant fellow would not stop pestering him. Uncle Robert rolled him a smoke, only he put gun powder in the ciagrette instead of tobacco.

He just loved telling this story. He said that son of bitch's beard and turban caught on fire and he just danced around and carried on something awful. I asked if the guy was really hurt. He said nahh, he lost his eyebrows and his hair and he was kinda scorched, but the bastard never did ask him for another smoke.

Now you know the root cause of jiadism. My Uncle Robert.

Registering To Comment With Blogger Sucks said...

Hold up a sec...

Is this a new instance of Idiot Incinerates Self While Attempting To Burn American Flag?

Or is it that same series of photos we were all laughing about a couple of years ago?