The Way it Works

Sunday, March 19, 2006

And so the press release goes out. And the press overreads it. But what it really is is a division staff flexing its air assault muscles and keeping them limber, and exercising the doctrine so they don't get to rusty, just like they used to do at Fort Campbell. Really, there aren't a lot of brigade-sized terror training camps for them to move against at the same time, so that any single piece of intel warrants a division-sized operation. This is really striking an egg with a sledgehammer.

Which is, once your base is secure, the best way to conduct offensive operations.

Jason van Steenwyck

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David Thomson said...

Your local police also employ overwhelming force when dealing with criminals. If two thugs with guns are hiding in a building---you can take it for granted that they will be surrounded by dozens of cops! Putting the odds in the police’s favor increases the safety of everyone involved in the operation. More often than not, outlaws even surrender peacefully when they realize the situation is hopeless.