On "Civil War"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
The more someone wants us out [of Iraq] or has an agenda for wanting us out, the more they have reason to characterize what's happening as a civil war.

See Cori Dauber today, and via her, Wretchard.


terrye said...

I think a lot of people have mischaracterized Allawi's remarks. We have to remember that this is becoming an argument in semantics.
civil war I think of opposing armies, seperate governments, popular support, etc.

Zarqawi is not even an Iraqi and Sadr has very little popular support and is dependent on the trouble making Iranian mullahs to keep him armed.

I think what we have in Iraq is violent civil unrest. And yes there is a difference. One need only look at our own history to see it.

It seems to me there is a lot of goal post moving going on here.

A couple of months ago when I was still watching TV news I heard Brit Hume ask the panel why violence was going down in Iraq. I remember thinking "Knock on wood when you say that". Sure enough, as if on cue the bombs starting going off a couple of days later.

I think and I hope that there are more people in Iraq dedicated to finding a peaceful solution to their problems than there are terrorists and insurgents. But as long as there are car bombs and jail breaks, that is what we will hear about.