Domenech Resigns as WashPost Blogger for Plagiarism

Friday, March 24, 2006
RedState blog co-founder and former National Review Online writer Ben Domenech has resigned from the new conservative Washington Post blog "Red America" effective immediately.

The allegation is plagiarism and here are specific examples.

Glenn Reynolds has an interesting article (actually a book chapter) on plagiarism discussing the history of the concept and analyzing examples such as Senator Joseph Biden's 1988 campaign speech.

Meanwhile, there's a conservative blogging job open at the Washington Post.

Any nominees?


rws said...

Jeff Goldstein

Fresh Air said...

Okay, I'll grant you Goldstein is funny and smart, but how can you explain to the readers that he keeps a pet armadillo with pierced nipples and a propensity for emptying the liquor cabinet?

Seriously, I vote for Capt. Ed...or Rick Ballard.

terrye said...

I vote for Seneca, but then he has already given us thousands of reasons that he is not a conservative.

Rick Ballard said...

Grazie, ma nemmeno per sogno.

Capt. Ed would be a good choice. Joe Katzman, Betsy Newmark, Dr. Pat Santy, Bill Roggio - any of them would be fine.

I favor Pat Santy because when she says the lefties are nuts she can pick up her DSM-IV(R) and go right to the appropriate diagnosis.

terrye said...


Yes that is a good suggestion.

Rick Ballard said...

This would be a great first blog at the WaPo for Dr. Sanity.

CF said...

I read Donenech's initial denial of the plagiarism charges and thought I'd been unfair to him, but at Redstate he's now posted a mea culpa more or less admitting it.
It's bad news for Redstate who I read largely for Jay Cost's weekly bits..
Who should take his place? There are so many good bloggers, but I'm afraid they'd be mauled and beaten down by the same crowd.

terrye said...


This is true.

Rick Ballard said...


He stole, lied about stealing, confessed and apologized when confronted with incontrovertible evidence that he had, in fact stolen. Common thieves don't rate much sympathy and I'm pretty sure that there are more than a handful of decent writers who could handle the lefty idiocy. I am much less sure that the editors of the WaPo will be able to find one. This is linked to my doubt that any one of them could find their way out of a phone booth without assistance.

David Thomson said...

I offered my own services to the Washington Post. The editors, however, balked at my demand for a chauffeured limousine. Writing posts in a $10,000 a night suite in Acapulco also seemed entirely reasonable to me. Strangely, they thought it to be excessive.