Anthony Kennedy's "evolving views"

Monday, April 03, 2006
Adam Cohen has an op-ed piece in today's New York Times touting Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for his "evolving views," and predicting that he would join the four "moderate" justices in rejecting the Bush administration's position on a key aspect of its war-on-terror powers in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.


Rick Ballard said...

Cohen might want to refresh his understanding of actuarial tables prior to talking about a Kennedy rather than O'Connor court. There are a couple of justices sitting in God's waiting room today and four isn't going to be the magic number much longer.

Which reminds me, how old is Judge Brown?

David Thomson said...

I head for the hills whenever I hear a judge described as a “moderate.” Panic almost sets in when they are further praised for their “evolving” understanding of the law. This virtually guarantees that they abuse the English language and legislate from the bench.

Fresh Air said...


I'm worried that the Republicans are going to blow it in the Senate races this fall. It's impossible to see an originalist taking his place at the court with a majority of two and Lincoln Chafee and Susan Collins casting the deciding votes.

Tommy Franks needs to hop into the Fla. race. Katherine Harris needs to return to the House.

Rick Ballard said...

Harris is blowing out as we write. If Franks is available then he gets 70 - 90% of my political giving budget for the year (Steele already has an initial chunk). Don't forget Minnesota - a little attention to the new voter registration standards and it will go red.

It's still too early - what happens in WV if Byrd follows his wife? Not an unusal occurence at his age. In PA Casey faces a destruction derby from the idiots at NOW. The other Nelson in NE is still in jeopardy too.

It will be an interesting summer - especially if Stevens retires.

Fresh Air said...

I hate to say it, but I would really, really like to see Jeb resign and run for Senate. It would just drive the conspiracy theorists nuts.

That said, Tommy would make a good senator--plus he's a cigar smoker. Got to have smoke to make those cloakroom deals go...

My leading indicator on the fall, however, is Mort and Fred, who were the only two members of the McLaughlin Group to pick Bush to beat Kerry. I see tough races in Tenn., Mo. and Mont., a probable pick-up in Minn. and a probable loss in Penn. Unlikely, though possible, pick-ups in Fla. and Md.

Rhode Island, no matter who wins, is still a loss.