Decided or not?

Friday, April 07, 2006
Giuliani charts a path to 2008.


terrye said...

His greatest challenge might well be in his own party. His attitudes on immigration and abortion will make it difficult. The bloggers have enough respect for his conduct on 9/11 to be a little less vicious than they would be with McCain, but only a little.

They will prefer someone who does not have a snow ball's in the general election.

Republicans like to scoff at the nominating process that the Democrats go through and who they end up with...but they are not in a lot different situation themselves.

brylun said...

If Giuliani would take a position that abortion is a state, not a federal issue, I think he might get by. It would help if the Supreme Court sent the issue back to the states by overruling Roe v. Wade.

Hopefully immigration will be resolved before he runs.

He has a stunning presence and is a great speaker. There is much good will out there for him among the general public.

Fresh Air said...

At least with Guiliani you know he won't go off like a jilted lover if he doesn't win the nomination, and run as an independent.

I agree with Terrye that his biggest problem is with the GOP base. How will that play out? Will he be a federalist and duck issues like gay marriage and abortion? Or will he try to be a squishy and play between the 40 yard lines. He hasn't had to vote on any of this stuff, so it's up to him to invent his positions. One advantage he has over the Little Admiral.