General Zinni turns into a far left politico

Friday, April 07, 2006
Jed Babbin writes in today's American Spectator about General Anthony Zinni's conversion to a far leftie, to stand alongside Wesley Clark and Eric Shinseki.


David Thomson said...

Here is some more information on General Zinni:

He appears to be another anti-Semite who believes that Israel dominates U.S. foreign policy. In other words, Zinni is a "mainstream" Democrat.

Fresh Air said...

Zinni never impressed me much when he worked for Clinton. Now I know why.

markg8 said...

Heaven forbid someone have a point of view to the left of Olmert. That's immediate grounds for being labelled an anti Semite. Zinni is spouting common sense. Something sadly lacking here.

JB said...

Wasn't much of a turn.

"Zinni is spouting common sense."

Yes, Mark. Freedom is Slavery. Leftism is Common Sense.

Which is why most "common" people vote far left. Right? ;)