Saddam and Terrorism

Sunday, April 09, 2006
The Captain has new information on a translated Iraqi memo which raises questions about Saddam's regime and terror attacks against American interests:

Now that we have established the translation of the memo from the Iraqi Air Force general to all units requesting volunteers for suicide missions against American "interests", the timing of the memo appears to fit into a disturbing sequence in the months prior to 9/11. This memo is dated March 17, 2001, less than six months prior to the coordinated al-Qaeda attack on the US, at a time when the AQ plotters and pilots appeared to be in close proximity to Iraqi intelligence agents in Europe.

In a series of posts I wrote last year, I pointed out activity in Germany by the Iraqi Intelligence Service that the 9/11 Commission missed. Specifically, the Germans arrested two IIS agents in late February for their operation of an espionage ring in their country. Their intelligence estimate in 2002 would later claim that Iraq had reached out to extremists Islamist groups to coordinate attacks on American interests. In the winter of 2001, however, those agents had operated in Germany at the same time as Mohammed Atta met Ramzi Binalshibh in Berlin, the same time that German counterintelligence picked up the trail of the Iraqi spies. Ziad Jarrah, another of the 9/11 pilots, traveled through Germany at least twice during the same time frame. Pilot Marwan al-Shehhi disappeared in Casablanca and told people he was in Hamburg, which may or may not have been a dodge. The only pilot not in Germany during this time was Hani Hanjour, who plowed his plane into the Pentagon.

Notice how little attention all of this is getting in the press? Bushbashers and anti war folks will says these documents are not real and that they mean nothing but if some anonymous source came forward tomorrow with some unsubstantiated claim that Bush and Halliburton execs had planned 9/11..well now that they would talk about. Bias? What bias?


David Thomson said...

“Bushbashers and anti war folks will says these documents are not real and that they mean nothing......”

No evidence will likely ever convince the Bush haters. The war on terror is supposedly an overreaction to those Third Worlders who are victims of our imperialistic society. We just need to be nicer, and the boogyman will go away.