AlQaeda Affiliates Murder 147 People in Bombay

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The latest outrage is here. I've ridden that train.


chuck said...

I expect the numbers are still on the low side for eight explosions during rush hour. I suppose that if the bombs were truly in the first class areas as reported, then that may have kept the numbers down, but... We shall see.

Knucklehead said...

I tuned in a few hours ago to try and see some news about this. CNN was the only channel covering it at the time I tuned in. For the most part they were covering it via their "sister station", CNN-IBN.

I couldn't help noticing what seemed to me a rather stark contrast. CNN itself, whenever it could bring one of its own, relentlessly seemed to want to cover the carnage and chaos. IBN, on the other hand, while by no means downplaying the carnage and chaos, seemed downright eager to cover the story of citizens helping one another and ordinary citizens responding to aid the wounded and recover the dead even before official rescue efforts could be mounted.

If anyone here knows anything about the Indian media, is this a common trait or is it peculiar to IBN or...