Andy McCarthy Saves Me a Post

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "There is much less than meets the eye to the Pentagon’s announcement today that enemy combatants at Gitmo will be accorded Geneva Convention protections. It is not an announcement (as it is being misconstrued in some places) that al Qaeda detainees are now considered honorable prisoners of war. What DoD is saying is that they get Common Article 3 protection, which is minimal: they are entitled to be treated humanely, which was already U.S. policy, and – consistent with what the Supreme Court has ruled – they may not be subjected to military commissions as currently designed. No one really thought the administration was going to decline to comply with the Court’s ruling, so how this marks a “Big Shift,” as the New York Times’ headline proclaims, is beyond me. "


David Thomson said...

I could care less if the United States adheres, on a de facto basis, to Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. The problem arises if we think we are compelled de jure to do so. This distinction is of utmost importance.