Different News From Iraq

Sunday, July 02, 2006
Despite the whole hearted efforts of the seditionist press to portray Iraq as a failure there are some solid reports of projects completed and goals being met. The Army Corps of Engineers provides a weekly report (PDF) that includes a one page summary (page 7) of goals and progress made towards reaching them. 66% of the planned projects have been completed and 67% of the money budgeted has been spent.

It sounds almost as if we're two-thirds of the way to completion. Production of oil and electricity are actually well beyond two-thirds of final goals as are completion of projects regarding education and security and justice.

How many Americans are aware of the progress being made? How can more be made aware, given the current state of the national press?


terrye said...

I heard the oil is really starting to pick up.

David Thomson said...

There are also more cars on the road and fewer infants dying. What is the worst case scenario for Iraq? My guess is that Baghdad might be split into various factions similar to what’s been going on for decades in Beirut. Still, this is a great improvement over the Saddam era.

Rick Ballard said...

Oil is at prewar pumping levels and 84% of goal.

Prior to the war there were only 1.2M telephone subcribers in Iraq (25M population). Today there are 8.2M.

Ed onWestSlope said...


As you hint, The enormous increase in phones is an indication of the changes within that society, financial and outlook.

Due to a nephew staying at our house , after moving here to attend college, I am questioning whether phones are a positive thing. It can be difficult for him to peal it away from his skull. I will get over this in a short while.

terrye said...


Sounds like my niece.