A Flare In a Dark Time

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
I plucked this comment out of the thread over at SepiaMutiny while browsing around the Mumbai bombings.
Like I said "Ranjit" - whatever gets you through the day, same thing you said about some people needing faith. Why judge me? I am neither young, arrogant nor ignorant, just pragmatic.

Saying, "sorry pal, but that God you're looking to for strength? He's bullshit," is offensive as hell. Is this not obvious? Effectively adding "whatever floats your boat" at the end is no less insulting. You were being ridiculously condescending and judgmental, and then you masked it with some weak lines from NICK CAVE and the ever-quotable Gandhi. You're quite the westernized oriental gentleman(or -woman) - scoffing at the savages and their petty gods.

I was not trying to offend, but to say that we need to look deeper to solve these complex problems instead of just hoping to pray them away.

Pure arrogance and presumptuousness. No one made any attempt to "pray them away". No one suggested that prayer would solve any problems. You assumed that just because someone mentioned their religious faith, they were some ignorant yokel rolling their eyes to heaven. Sand****a please.

The thread is pretty interesting and is one of the few places where I've seen older folks pull age on the younger. I keep forgetting that I am supposed to be one of the wise and ancient ones ;)

Good collection of photos here.

Update: Some Indians note the lack of response on the left:
Hi, first time poster, longtime reader. Interesting point there, Manju (#213) about the liberal blogs not saying anything. I even went to my favorite magazine's website, The Nation, and all they have there is a link to an article about it from the Christian Science Monitor. Enraged earlier today, when I could not get a hold of my middle-aged parents who live in Mumbai (they are fine, I later found out), and having had to see my beloved hometown torn to shreds on 9/11 (where I still live), I decided this morning to break with the left...
Seems to me that if you represent the little guy you've got to stand up for him now and then. The left is cutting its own throat and alienating a whole constituency with its perverse scrutiny of its own navel, no doubt because it is shaped like Vietnam, and its odd conviction that the only true evil in the world is Bush.


David Thomson said...

"...and its odd conviction that the only true evil in the world is Bush."

Yup, this is how they see it. Bush is the true threat. The brown skinned nihilists are actually victims. Only white people are responsible for the evils of this planet.

truepeers said...

In the BBC report i saw, the sentimentalizing journalist's inability to give any explanation for the murders just made it sound as if terrorism is like the weather, just something that happens, something to which Indians are becoming unfortunately innured. It was fatalism, and sickening at that. I'm not sure if if that is worse than blaming Bush. What about Cheney anyway?

MeaninglessHotAir said...


The "left" doesn't give two snaps for the "little guy". Actually they despise him. He's just a prop in their self-righteous narrative.