How many reports like this have we heard?

Monday, July 17, 2006
QandO: "Given that most of the editors haven't been to Iraq either, one has to begin wondering about agendas when generally positive events either go unreported or are spun into generally negative events. I'm not going to claim some grand conspiracy among editors and the like, that's just unlikely. But I am going to put forward a theory that since Vietnam, a certain type of individual has been drawn toward the profession of journalism and that person is now ending up in the editor's chair of many major news organizations. One only has to review the reporting and the press's general antipathy (and sometimes overt hostility) toward the military of that time to understand my thesis. Its a culture that, while mostly hidden now because, well you know, we all support the troops, still exists and has its way with the news out of Iraq."


reliapundit said...

true. and ditto the typw of people who have been drawn to get phd's in climate scince: almost all earth day lefties.

Fresh Air said...

Another problem is the complete absence of veterans in the newsrooms of America. Since their brains largely don't function properly, these liberal-leftist reporters naturally assume all the stereotypes about military personnel based upon John Kerry's descriptions are true.

terrye said...

The media has an agenda. I think the lefties of yesteryear do not realize that they are THE MAN.

They make the rules now and the rules say War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I think that the best hope for Iraq would be for the news media to lost interest and remove themselves from the place. For one thing, day to day reporting means very little in a situation like this and for another if the press left a great many of the bad guys might leave too, or lose interest. Right now they know all that is necessary is two or three big attacks a week and they are stars, they have hit the big time.