Is That Ricin in Your Pocket or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Friday, July 07, 2006
Capatin Ed has an interesting post about the ongoing translations of Iraqi documents.
Ricin toxin is found in the bean of the castor plant. UNMOVIC inspections since December 2002 have verified that the bombed caster oil extraction plant at Fallujah III has been reconstructed on a larger scale.
UNMOVIC inspections and Iraqi declarations confirm that Iraq continues working with organisms that could be used as BW agent stimulates. The documents display after each section the actions that Iraq could take to help in resolving the issue and convincing the UN inspection teams that the activity have stopped or were fruitless and so on.

What if Saddam had been given a clean bill of health from Hans & UNMOVIC and the US had been pressured to stand down...what would Saddam be doing today? Why is this question not asked on Meet The Press or in the NY Times?


terrye said...

If they ask the question, someone might answer it.

Saddam would be doing the same thing his crazy friend in North Korea is doing. Or that is neighbors are doing.

olivia1 said...

Terrye, what never fails to amaze me is how obvious your point is to some of us and how others don't even bother to think about it. I mean, you have a total meglomaniac like Saddam who for awhile was the 600 pound gorrilla in the mideast and then Osama pulls off a feat that results in the deaths of 3000 Americans on their own soil no less. How can anyone not think that Saddam would have been obsessively consumed with surpassing that death toll for us. It is such a big "Duh"...of course he would have.