Las Cruces Sun-News - White Sands missile test phenomenal'

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Las Cruces Sun-News - White Sands missile test phenomenal': "WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE — It was a picture-perfect pre-dawn Wednesday and a picture-perfect launch at White Sands Missile Range.

Hundreds of miles above southern New Mexico, it was a picture-perfect impact between two missiles.

The morning sky above the Tularosa Basin was painted in every color of the rainbow — hues ranging from iridescent purples to emerald greens and pastel blues, pinks and electric whites against the darkness of space.

The pre-dawn art show was the result of the third of five tests planned at White Sands Missile Range to determine the effectiveness of THAAD — Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile. And military officials said the test went better than they could have hoped.

'This was phenomenal,' said U.S. Army Col. Charles Driessnack, the project manager for the Missile Defense Agency's THAAD program. 'It performed as expected.'"


Knucklehead said...

Ummm... why are we wasting valuable national resources while the hometown of that newspaper still carries that vile, religious, name?

With the nation on the verge of falling under the control of theocrats, while millions can't get a night's sleep while there are still US town carrying vile names like "Las Cruces", we're spending billions to shoot down missiles?!?! If we weren't such running dog, lackey tools of the capitalist pig theocrats we wouldn't have to worry about shooting down missiles 'cause nobody would ever shoot a missile at us!

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I don't doubt that a missile can hit a missile. I very much doubt that we can find the missile to hit within the time frame available. I have good reason to do so.