Politician Complains About Scurrilous DCCC Ad

Friday, July 14, 2006
John Spratt has served South Carolinians for 34 years and knows political garbage when he sees it. He is justifiably concerned about the potential for harm that Rahm Emmanuel's latest advertising brain child may cause him in the fall. There are a number of moderates in relatively safe seats who share Spratt's concern, and rightfully so. There is no safe place for a moderate in politics today and Rahm Emmanuel is determined to prove it.

I wonder what Ben Nelson has to say about the ad?

UPDATE: In comments Clarice points to this Jay Cost article which summarizes the internecine battle going on in the Democratic Party. It's an excellent analysis that will be worth rereading on Nov 8th. I would only add that Dean is spending money hiring the same people that unions used to pay. That's the real and very ugly hole that the Dems aren't filling with their fundraising.


CF said...

Jay Cost had a great piece up yesterday which details the Emmanuel/Dean fight and the way the DNC organization engenders this split.
It's all good.

David Thomson said...

I have consistently predicted that the Republicans will hold onto both Houses of Congress in the November elections. The differences between the blue and red states Democrats are simply too great. Draped military coffins in a campaign video will almost certainly help a candidate running in San Francisco or other safe Democratic blue areas. As far as the blue staters are concerned, John Spratt can essentially go to hell. He’s perceived to be a heretical “war mongering” piece of crap anyway.

Candidates like James Webb and John Spratt are caught in a vicious Catch 22. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Their Republican opponents merely need to force them to answer the tough questions regarding Iraq and the war on terror.

CF said...

Spratt got the ad pulled.