Richard Cohen is a mistake

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
The Right Coast: Richard Cohen is a mistake Tom Smith: "The people fighting Israel now say, shamelessly, that their goal is the destruction of Israel, and you know, in their cups, they would avow they would love to see every last Jew dead. That is who they are. And wanting some place with a wall around it and plenty of guns to protect yourself from such people is a mistake?

If I ever would have thought it was, the smoking hole in Manhattan filled with human ashes convinced me otherwise. Israel was and is a collective act of self-defense by the Jewish people , perhaps the most well justified act of self-defense in the history of the planet, which Europe, in an untoward moment of decency, somehow let slip by. But if it was a mistake, it was of the best kind, and Europe and the Arabs should now have to live with it. If the existence of Israel bothers the Arab nations so much, they can distract themselves by trying to build even one country that is not a pit of tyranny and medieval barbarism. But of course, now the idea seems to be that the whole rest of the world should be brought down to that level, one planeful full of innocents at a time. Richard Cohen and the rest of us need to face it -- we are all Israelis now."

[Update (yes, already): Don't miss this on the comparison between one of Frank J.'s heavy-handed satires, and Cohen's apparently serious column. Proof once again that while you can make this stuff up, you can't possibly be sillier than a columnist for the NY Times.]


brylun said...

I'm wondering when the Day by Day Cartoon mocking Richard Cohen comes out?

terrye said...

Some of these people have their nerve. Who are they to decide where the Jews can and can not live?

Barry Dauphin said...

It's curious that he picks NOW as the time to write this column. Did he think this way for years, but kept it to himself? What exactly prompted him to choose this moment? Right at the moment in which Israel might be able to cripple Hezbollah? Hmmmm...interesting.