Another Cartoon Jihad About to Explode?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Muslims are disgusted by an adult toy on sale in Worcester because they say it disrespects the prophet Mohammed.

Adult store Ann Summers, in the High Street, is selling a blow-up male doll called Mustafa S**g.

The name of the novelty toy has outraged Muslims living in the city, who have said the name insults the Prophet Mohammed, who is also known by the title al-Mustafa.
Jacqueline Gold, the owner of Ann Summers nationwide, said: "We don't want to offend anyone. This feels like political correctness gone mad.

"If anyone has a better name for a blow-up doll, please contact us."
This could get ugly (ht: Dag). Where do these Orientalist stereotypes of Arab men, and the degrading pandering of them to English women (and men?), come from anyway? If it all weren't so ludicrous, i'd be appalled at our western decadence.


terrye said...


I heard something about this a while back.

Maybe they are saving it until they feel the need for another riot.

Eric Blair said...

So call it "Pork Abdul".

Oh. Wait. That wouldn't work either.

ambisinistral said...

They might want to market it as an "inflatable" doll rather than a "blow-up" doll. Just saying...

David Thomson said...

A bully always keeps trying to find out how far they can go with their victim. Give in to them once---and you will do so forever. The bar keeps getting raised.

ambisinistral said...

They're nibbling around the edges, attacking things that are easy for folks not to defend. After all, who is going to go to the matt for an inflatable doll?

Fresh Air said...

Farouk the Fornicator?

Where is PeterUK when you need him?

gumshoe1 said...

terrye said:


I heard something about this a while back.

Maybe they are saving it until they feel the need for another riot."

terrye nails it in post #1.

David Thomson said...

France is doomed. Great Britain still has a chance---but will the citizens take advantage of it? The Brits have got to push their politically correct bureaucrats out of the way. These unelected officials run the show. Also, this country must humbly learn from the United States and enact some First Amendment style protections.