High Water

Monday, March 13, 2006
The last couple of days I have been sticking close to home because the water is up with all the rain and I can not get to work. Not that I mind that all that much but it has meant that I have been spending an unusual amount of time online reading pundits.

What a bunch of arrogant, self important not to mention vain blowhards.

About a month ago I gave up TV news, all TV news, including FOX and it does not seem to have impaired me in any way.

Maybe the pundits are next. So far it has been just one big blame Bush fest:

Bush did too much in regards to education or not enough.

Bush should have done more to help with people's medical costs or he has done too much.

Bush should stop the INVASION of brown people from Mexico. It seems that illegal immigration was not scary enough so the new word is INVASION. Of course if he does do too much he will be an antibusiness racist. Take your pick.

Bush should withdraw from Iraq.

Bush should send more troops to Iraq.

Bush should engage Islam.

Bush should declare war on Islam.

Bush does not communicate well enough, and if he just employed the pundits to do his PR for him he would be so much better off. Because they have all the answers.

Bush should raise taxes, cut spending, cut taxes and cut spending, raise taxes and increase spending.

Bush is a liar or a fool or a failure or a fascist or a fraud or a loser or not a real conservative, which is of course the worse sin of all.

Bush wants to control the private lives of all Americans.

Bush should have vetoed McCain/Feingold and since he did not all that flows from it is his fault 100%.

Bush should never have supported the sale or lease or purchase of any infrastructure anywhere in the United States. Never mind the trade laws, never mind the availability of buyers, never mind the fact that this process has been going on for years. Bush should have stopped it once he got in office and made it a crime to sell to foreigners, even if you are one.

And on and on and on. I read all this and I think to myself, If it was that simple people, if it is that obvious why don't some of you put your money and your reputation where your computers are and run for office and wave that magic wand?

We have become a nation of know it alls, of back seat drivers who assume that if only we were behind the wheel we could fix all the problems in no more time than it takes to write a column.

yak... yak... yak....


Eric Blair said...

Thank you for saying that. I sometimes remember that point in arguments with assorted complainers. It never fails to shut them up.

terrye said...

Well after awhile.......

Rick Ballard said...

"Maybe the pundits are next."

I can only tell you that I don't miss them any more than I miss TV. I don't miss TV at all.

Lucianne sifts the news, RealClearPolitics, and a very few blogs for commentary - plus any original documents that I can find. I can filter for myself.