NY Times is backing off its opposition to the ports deal

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Compare the New York Times editorials from February 16th and today:

Feb. 16th (requires TimesSelect subscription): “Putting port management in the hands of a country like the United Arab Emirates, which has a mixed record in the war on terror, is a step in the wrong direction.”

Mar 2: “At this point there is little hard evidence that Dubai Ports World is especially vulnerable to infiltration by terrorists or lax on security. * * * [I]f the controversy is treated correctly, it should provide new security benchmarks that could be applied to any company that wishes to manage American ports. * * * The deal's opponents ought to use this opportunity to negotiate for additional, and much needed, financing for [enhanced port security].”


terrye said...

In other words they went off the deep end...again.

so sorry.

Fresh Air said...

Maybe Bill Clinton had a meeting with the editorial board. :(