Sleuthing into Plame's motives...

Sunday, March 12, 2006
"Plame's secret life could be easily penetrated with the right computer sleuthing."

So says the Chicago Tribune in a story published yesterday: Plame's identity, if truly a secret, was thinly veiled.

Here's what I found on the public website


David Thomson said...

The sad thing is that much of this was known from the very beginning. However, the MSM and its Democratic Party allies were unfairly committed to damaging the Bush administration. Truth was sacrificed to false gods of political expediency.

Fresh Air said...

OHMYGOD! Brlyun, you've outed a secret spy!! A CIA/N.O.C./MI5/HMSS, Super-duper-arino, big-time clandestine agent of the female persuasion!

Now where have I seen that face before? Couldn't have been on the cover of some magazine, could it?


Let the fallout of the Plame affair be Lesson No. 5,242 for the liberals on the power of unintended consequences.

Rick Ballard said...

According to mapquest she had a 5.38 mile/14 minute commute to Langley. Wrong way to boot - out of DC in the AM - inbound PM. She deserved to be outed for that, if for nothing else.


It's kind of fun watching the libs try and catch a boomerang in their teeth - with their eyes closed.