Steyn on Commissions

Friday, March 17, 2006
Oh goody, another Commission, this time on the Iraq War.

Another opppurtunity for the political class to show us how smart they are. In truth I agree with Mark Steyn on this issue:

I'm a foreigner, but I'm pro-American. And yet I must say, the 9/11 Commission is everything I loathe about the United States, in that its legalistic, retrospective, showboating blowhards, pompous people going on TV round the clock. And in effect, it becomes something in and of itself. It's not just commenting on something like a play by play guy is, but it actually changes the course of the something its commenting on. And that's what's bad about this. You know, Iraq isn't a Broadway play in previews. The show has opened, and it's on now. So it's too late to have arguments about this little weak spot in the first act, and we should get it re-written. The show has opened, and the responsibility of these people involved in this, James Baker, Lee Hamilton, Rudy Giuliani, all these people, is that they should now be saying let's win it, and then have the arguments.


David Thomson said...

James Baker and Rudy Giuliani are being played for fools. This new commission will only result in the ceaseless sliming of the Bush administration. The MSM will have a field day highlighting any perceived missteps. Why are intelligent Republicans getting involved in something so stupid? They are far too trusting of Democrat “moderates” who promise the investigation will be nonpartisan and dispassionately objective. Guys like Lee Hamilton may admittedly even mean well---but it doesn’t really matter. The MSM and its liberal allies, at the end of the day, still decide which stories are headlined---and how they are reported.

gumshoe1 said...

imo, they're trying to get out in front of the captured Iraqi info
that's just been released.

they know if the Bush Admin lets it out over the span btwn now and the elections in Nov,the Dems are screwed on
the "Bush Lied Meme".

they're in full "get Bush" mode.

the Brits are discussing some troop withdrawals,and and someone
suggesested that's unlikely if things in Iraq are,in fact,
"on the brink of civil war".