Swann ties Rendell for Penn. Gov.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
According to the most recent Strategic Vision poll, former Pittsburgh Steeler and GOP candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Lynn Swann is tied with incumbent Governor Ed Rendell, at 44% with 10% undecided.

Swann is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame (he played for USC) and the NFL Hall of Fame. He was the MVP of Super Bowl X.

(An aside: note that Rudy leads McCain 38% to 27% - see question 20.)


Eric Blair said...

Very interesting. I wonder if this poll will get any coverage.

This is going to be an interesting election.

David Thomson said...

This means that Lynn Swann will likely be the next governor of Pennsylvania. Not only that---but he will also save Rick Santorum’s rear end. The Democrats have now a lot to worry about. Isn’t it nice to see them suffer?

David Thomson said...

Oh my goodness, this poll results spell doom for the Democrats. Read the whole thing. Lynn Swann has equaled Ed Rendell while President Bush is getting creamed! It is obvious that if the president’s poll numbers even slightly improve---the Democrats are royally screwed in Pennsylvania. At this point in time, I don’t see how the Democrats can hold onto the state. Is it soon to be a solidly red one? It sure is starting to look that way.

vnjagvet said...

Lynn Swann has some real talent. He is popular, articulate and charismatic.

Also, his timing is perfect. Steelers Win Superbowl. Steeler Hall of Famer runs for Governor.

Eric Blair said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that Steeler's angle this year.

Still, if Swann can detach some black voters from Philadephia and Pittsburgh, I agree, he'll be the next governor.

I can't wait the "Uncle Tom" rhetoric to start.