What if they held a straw poll and nobody won?

Saturday, March 11, 2006
I'm listening to the "Hardball" coverage of the straw poll in Memphis (held in the Peabody Hotel, lovely place, one of my favorite hotels. Don't let Cheney at the ducks.)

If I'm following the commentary, Bill Frist got the high score but didn't win because he's the hometown boy who bused in people; John McCain had everyone write in George W Bush (which I thought was kind of interesting) and GWB only got 10 percent, so he didn't win; Romney got 10 percent but he's a Mormon so he's not a serious candidate.

Best I can tell, nobody won.

I don't understand.


CF said...

It's too early to matter. I'm not sure I'd discount Romney.

David Thomson said...

I prefer Rudy Giuliani. These people have little use for him. They foolishly believe that the former New York mayor might select a post modernist abuser of language for the Supreme Court. The reality is that he would most likely pick a constitutional originalist.

Walter Guest said...

Donald Rumsfeld would make a good candidate and a good president.
I don't know why he is never mentioned.

terrye said...


He is controversial and he is getting up in years.

Eric Blair said...

Silly crap for pundits to kick around, nothing more.