Who to believe: Saddam or Joe?

Monday, March 13, 2006
The Washington Times is reporting that documents captured from the regime of Saddam Hussein tell of his efforts to seek uranium from Africa in the mid-1990s. Joe Wilson has maintained otherwise.
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Our previous report on captured documents is here.


terrye said...

Notice how little play this is getting?

gumshoe1 said...

time to become a pundit!
(j/k terrye)

several threads up brylun has a thread on Bush/Negroponte/Hadley
releasing the captured Iraqi documents.

but the legacy media wants the lead time to get a hold of it and spin it before they comment,imo.

they were chewing over the "Iraqi Civil War" meme
on the national TV news again tonight.
they don't want contrary WMD evidence to break in before the Civil War meme is rooted.

more opportunity for spin,perhaps,
but ther *will* be info in there
the "Bush Lied!" folks aren't gonna like.

"Saddam the pussycat" didn't change his spots just coz UNSCOM showed up to party.

what i wanna know is
where did Oil for Food go??
Claudia Rosett was doing some excellent reporting on that one.

i guess the Fwench vote on the UNSC still carries some weight.

OT -

book recc'd:

"The Man Who Tried to Save the World : The Dangerous Life and Mysterious Disappearance of an American Hero"
- Scott Anderson,2000,Anchor Books


story of Fred Cuny,the self-styled "Master of Disaster"...
Iraqi Kurds,Somalia,
Chechnya relief missions...even
funded in his later years by the infamous George Soros.

on a mission in Chechnya in 1995, Cuny disappears in the mountains.

the author tries to track down the circumstances of Cuny's disappearance.

an odd mix of adventure tale and
"white man's burden"
along with the desire of the tranzi's to co-opt
the "evil american military"
for their save-the-world efforts.

Cuny goes from Marine Officers training at Texas A&M with his childhood buddies,flunks out
befre gaining his commission(but keeps USMC on his resume)goes into disaster relief and builds a consulting business,
but increasingly gets drawn to
war-zone disaster relief.

he apparently played a substantial role in getting Iraqi Kurds back into their villages(rather than "temporary" refugee camps)
after the US came to terms with Saddam following Gulf War I.

interesting read...and
so far has been a tour of the
region that shows the overlap of NGO's,UN utopia planning,the absolute DEMAND for competent military backing to function in these areas.

gumshoe1 said...

brylun -

great graphic,BTW.

terrye said...


I am not a pundit, I am a loud mouth semi educated hoosier with a dead end job and a nonexistent sex life.