Why I'm not a Conservative #7782

Friday, March 10, 2006
Reading The Corner this morning...
Stanley Kurtz: After reading Catherine Siepp and Louis Wittig commenting on Big Love today on NRO, I think it’s fair to say the show’s creators are succeeding in their quest to normalize polygamy (and, implicitly, alternative family forms in general).

Because, of course, polygamy has never been an acceptable form of marriage anywhere that didn't have cable.
Tim Graham, in a post titled "Sex with your Cheerios": Apparently that's not too much for morning network TV. At 7:45 EST, a Purex laundry-detergent commerical featured one woman urging her girlfriend to look over a high fence in her yard. The gals are looking at a naked guy watering his grass (essentials covered up on screen). Woman #1 stares and says, "Those socks are so clean!" Naked Dude uses Purex, of course.

I think we can all agree that the time before the kids are packed up for school could reasonably be considered a sex-free commercial zone.

I think we can also agree that the joke of a woman being astounded at Naked Guy's clean sox has nothing to do with sex. And someone page ShrinkWrapped and Neo, because I'd be interested in what they think of this comment.

Jonah Goldberg: And the general, "ick" response is very, very strong and I think that should tell us something.

There's a fairly general "ick" response to eating snails, too. What does that tell us? (Personally, I think it tells us "Goodie! More for me. Pass the garlic butter.")

(To be fair, Jonah's making a generally reasonable argument from which I tore this sentence, screaming, from its context. But this "If it makes me say 'ick' it must be bad" argument shows up fairly often on The Corner....)

Kathryn Lopez, in a post entitled "CLONING LIES, CONTINUED": Ian Wilmut has confessed he did not clone Dolly the sheep.

Could cloning be any more disingenuous?

What actually happened? Wilmut was the head of the lab, and got to be first author on the paper. Did the sheep get cloned? Yes.

Kathryn has just discovered that people who head labs get their names on papers, even as first author, when they aren't the ones working in the wet lab.

(To be fair ... nah, forget it. Kathryn's total knowledge of science appears to be that she's suspicious of it.)


Syl said...


That commercial was really funny. I was thinking just the other day how much I appreciate clever, humorous, witty, commercials. They're definitely their own art form and often are better than what's sandwiched around them.

Oh, and stuff like this is why I mostly avoid the Corner. I just get annoyed.

Eric Blair said...

I stopped reading the Corner a long time ago.

As Syl says, they are just too annoying.

Fresh Air said...

Ditto on not reading The Corner. I would say, however, that the "Ick Test" is a pretty reasonable starting point for just about anything.

There are some things you will go "ick" to no matter how inculcated you are because they are just so off-kilter. Two guys kissing, for example, or head cheese...

terrye said...

The folks at the Corner are like bunch of constipated spinsters.

Just tut tut tutting in disapproval.

Seneca the Younger said...

Uh, Fresh --- of your two examples, one I like a lot and the other one doesn't bother me.

Fresh Air said...


De gustibus non disputatum.

P.S. I don't want to know which is which.

Seneca the Younger said...