Would You Like a Massage?

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Of your 10K, I mean. If so, try a Sulzberger approved masseuse. Thomas Lifson and Jack Risko do an excellent job of separating fact from light fiction in their analysis of what's buried (but still stinking) in the NYT financial reports.

I can only add that the "go national" plan presumed a potential subscriber core - blinkered liberals - that was dimensionally illusory from the beginning. The potential pool was never more than 13% deep and half of them aren't going to spend a dime of Daddy's money on a newspaper. Between that fact and the fact that the potential customer "pool" is very heavily concentrated in the Blue Castles already served by major MSM print organs - well, it really wasn't a very well conceived plan.

Not bad for a not terribly bright scion of a family owned business but it could well become a Harvard Business School study on mismanagement. Let's hope so.


Knucklehead said...

I feel so bad for the poor dears. They try so hard. It is a shame that there core marketplace is unworthy of them and too stupid to keep putting out a piddling few dollars a week for such high quality reportage.

It is a good thing for their continued financial health that they consistently ignore subscription terminations for as long as possible and are very generous about how they assign new subscriptions. It seems, at times, one needn't contact them in any way to suddenly find oneself subscribed. And what could be more generous than continuing the subscription, however temporarily, even after one has notified them that they did not subscribe and will not pay.