The CIA's War with the White House

Monday, April 10, 2006
Rick Moran has an excellent article in today's American Thinker entitled, "Missing the Big Story: The CIA's War with the White House."

To quote the article:

"What if prior to the invasion, the Bush Administration was roiled in a policy dispute between elements at the CIA and national security hawks in the White House and Department of Defense? What if this policy dispute got so contentious that the White House lost faith in what the intelligence community was telling it about Iraq? And what if, following the revelations about Saddam’s lack of WMD, elements at the CIA worked to exact revenge on the Administration by illegally leaking cherry-picked analyses at odds with what the Administration had been telling the American people?"

Rick goes on to make his case and relates an interesting and little known fact about Joe Wilson, that Wilson was the last American to speak to Saddam before the war. Did you know that? (I didn't!)

Moran quotes the Daily Telegraph on the CIA's campaign to unseat the President in October of 2004, and quotes the Wall Street Journal's editorial upon confirmation of Porter Goss at the CIA.

And he quotes former NSA director Bobby Inman:

"I was utterly appalled during the 2004 election cycle at the number of clearly politically motivated leaks from intelligence organizations — mostly if not all from CIA — that appeared to me to be the most crass thing I had ever seen to influence the outcome of an election."

I highly recommend this article. A great piece of work!


Rick Ballard said...

Moran has really done a fine job with this piece. Goss has made a decent start in clearing the Arabist deadwood out of the CIA - much better, in fact than either Powell or Rice have done at State.

I don't exactly understand why Rick thinks that the MSM is ever going to report on a story in which they were complicit feom Day 1. It will never happen - not with jerks like Rosen and his crew controlling the entry points. The MSM simply must be destroyed for the health of the country.