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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Cause I gotta be dreaming:

President Bush was right to approve the declassification of parts of a National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq three years ago in order to make clear why he had believed that Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear weapons. Presidents are authorized to declassify sensitive material, and the public benefits when they do. But the administration handled the release clumsily, exposing Mr. Bush to the hyperbolic charges of misconduct and hypocrisy that Democrats are leveling.

This is an excerpt from Washington Post editorial.

Is it possible that the light of day is dawning after a long night in the fever swamps? Read it all and be amazed.

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David Thomson said...

“But the administration handled the release clumsily, exposing Mr. Bush to the hyperbolic charges of misconduct and hypocrisy that Democrats are leveling.”

The Washington Post’s editors are lying to themselves. They are simply trying to save face. President Bush’s people did not act in a particularly clumsy manner. They are primarily guilt of only one unforgivable action: governing the country while Republican! If it were a Democratic administration---this crap would have never started in the first place.

Syl said...

How could the release have been handled clumsily if the reporters who were given the info (Miller and Woodward) never wrote a word about it?

They're blaming the administration for the Democrats' sleazy behavior in

(1)conflating legal disclosures with illegal leaks

(2)insinuating the NIE contains info on Plame and that that is what Bush authorized.

(3)characterizing setting the record straight as retaliation against a whistleblower.

I want revenge on these Democrats. I really do. It's one thing to criticize, quite another to dishonestly make the public believe a lie with words so carefully chosen it's difficult to point it out.

Syl said...

I gotta say, though, that I looked out the window to see if there were pigs flying. :)

Actually, though, the WaPo caught on to Wilson after the SSCI report and came down hard on him back then.

And the WaPo actually had a good article analyzing one of the SBVT vs Kerry incidents. The only one of the big papers that didn't simply kneejerk against the SBVT.

The NYTimes is simply a lost cause but not the WaPo.

Rick Ballard said...


The WaPo is less of a party organ than the NYT or the Trib but they have a 'core' that is not disposed to any but Dems.

What is really going on is an acknowledgement that Bush will be in the WH for another two years and ten months and if the WaPo wants any access they had better drop a ton of the BS that they have been assiduously peddling. They are also acknowledging that the Dems haven't a snowballs chance in hell of recovering the House or the Senate. Were it not so, they would turn up the heat rather than turn it down.

The business is about access - and honey, it's cold outside.

brylun said...

Great find! I quoted it to a local leftie editorial page editor and got a quick response: "We don't agree with it."

terrye said...


Well of course they don't agree with it. the morons.