AP Watch 7/1

Saturday, July 01, 2006
AP continues its war against the United States military this morning with a rehash of Ryan Lenz's previous reporting on allegations of rape and murder. Lenz's (and AP's) reliance on anonymous sources is rather tedious but it is now possible to make a reasonable inference that he is being spoon fed by an Army CID investigator. That would explain Lenz's awkward locution of 'military official' rather than 'officer' in his previous article. CID investigators work for the Army but are not necessarily in the Army. CID Command needs to put an investigator on their investigators - pimping a story to the AP probably isn't in the CID investigator's manual as approved conduct. And the 101st needs to always remember that they have a viper among them. Keeping distance from Lenz would be a very good idea.

AP needed an anti military story with which to celebrate the Fourth and they have found one. Very short on facts and very long on allegations and assertions made in comfortable anonymity but sufficient for AP's purpose. A propagandist works with what he has.
Bob Johnson is to be commended for naming another political crooks party outright. Sure, he left it until the sixth paragraph, but it's there. The Democrats now have convictions in Illinois and Alabama to buttress their claims that a political "climate of corruption" exists in the country. Well, Louisiana too. And to be fair, Cunningham in California.

The forty five day embargo on evidence seized from Congressman 'Cold Cash' Jefferson's Capitol offices is up. We should be seeing indictments soon in that case - will the trail lead to California and Loretta Sanchez? Or will it lead to West Virginia and the ehically impaired Democrat Chairmen of the Congressional Ehtics Committee Mollohan? Bob Ney is still in hot water with the Abramoff scandal but is it much hotter than the water in which Harry Reid sits?

Double edged swords are dangerous weapons in the hands of amateurs and amateur is the kindest description possible for the Democratic dimwits who thought up the "culture of corruption" idea.

UPDATE: AP reporter Christopher Wills does a good job in reporting the Feds takeover of the investigation into corruption within Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's administration. Is there something in the water in Illinois?
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Luther McLeod said...

This piece by Charles J. Hanley stands the "Loss of journalistic freedom" story on its head.

In dragging up any past incident that remotely supports his point, whether or not, it has been determined as factual, Mr. Hanley goes on the defensive in attempting to show the heroic nature of journalists and leaker's and the perils they face.

vnjagvet said...

If indeed the CID is leaking to the AP, it will seriously jeopardize the possibility of a future conviction for the crimes investigated.

There is no legitimate reason for leaking at this stage of an investigation.

As we discussed before, no charges have even been preferred under the UCMJ.

terrye said...

Well they had haditha for Memorial Day and now they have rape murder for July the 4th. And they can add to the burden already felt by the families of the kidnapped and killed GIs. What more could they ask for, the bastards?

And if this all comes down to some young man talking out of his head or something what hen? A big gee sorry?