Born American, but in the Wrong Place by Peter W. Schramm

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Born American, but in the Wrong Place by Peter W. Schramm: "'But where are we going?' I asked.

'We are going to America,' my father said.

'Why America?' I prodded.

'Because, son. We were born Americans, but in the wrong place,' he replied."

My ancestry is about as mixed up as someone's can be: white, choctaw, cherokee, a little black; Hungarian, Sudetenland German, Wales, Scotland; horse thieves, bank robbers, Indian bad men and generals, and worst of all, politicians.

It took me until I was 27 and living in Europe to figure out what "being an American" really meant.

Peter Schramm figured it out.


KG said...

Me too,and although I can never live in the U.S. the country has a friend and passionate supporter here.
And I can't believe that there are not millions more like me.

terrye said...

I like that.

I remember being a kid and I told my Dad I was going to find my roots and all that, look up the family tree etc.

He told me I might not like what I found there, might be some hungarian chicken thieves in the mix. I think that was the only thing I did not find.

America has never just been a place or a is more than that, always has been.

Seneca the Younger said...

Terrye, I don't recall who said it, but "America is not a place, it's an idea."

Knucklehead said...

Well, now, that was worth the time taken. It is nice to recieve a gift first thing in the morning. Thank you, SyT.