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Thursday, July 13, 2006
hamstermotor: "While Winston Churchill said, 'the price of greatness is responsibility,' Israel has achieved greatness because of its responsibility to adhere to justice. It cannot afford to lose sight of its moral obligation to fully respond to a threat with whatever violence is necessary and just. That doesn't mean the IDF should refrain from ripping new and interesting orifices into the members of Hamas and Hezbollah, just that it put bowel-loosening terror and a storm of bullets into the hearts of evil men in a civil manner. It has done so in the past, and cannot afford to act differently in the future. It is difficult being an example to the world of a just people, but if Israel is to survive it must hold itself to the higher standard expected of a nation of priests who just happen to be ready and willing to rain deserved death on evil men."


Luther McLeod said...

Good words there. Only the good guys are held to a standard. Only the good guys have to maintain the moral compass. Only the good guys have too be reticent and circumspect in their actions.

All discussed here (and elsewhere) many times, I realize. What a duplicitously deceptive group of b*stards we face. There and here.

Go for the head I say.

Peter UK said...

Sadly the moral high ground is impossible to hold since the enemy strategy is one in which civilian casualties are part of the modus operandi.
They are never going to meet you in battle on the Plain of Meggido,for a fair fight.