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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Chicago Boyz: "Clearly, as a person's views move leftward from the center the contempt for liberal democracy grows. Leftists pay lip service to it but when push comes to shove they come down on the anti-democratic side virtually every time. Most of the evils of the world during the last 60 years arose and persisted as a result of the Left's eagerness to turn its back on democracy. I think that those who generally support democracy should challenge leftists to explain themselves every time they choose autocracy.



Buddy Larsen said...

This is really, in truth, the fundamental problem of American political life--and it remains so because the carriers don't know they're messed up.

terrye said...


Yes, they really believe that as long as there is national health care it really doesn't matter how many mass graves there are.

Buddy Larsen said... if John Donne had said "No man is in Ireland".

Peter UK said...

In their heart of hearts the left know that given free choice,nobody wishes to inhabit the drab souless collectivies societies the left desires.Whilst the left call themselves "liberals",excepting drugs and sexual preferences,they are nothing of the kind,believing in compulsion in all things subject to the common good.
The left call themselves "progressives",but in reality yearn for a communal tribal society which is atavistic rather than any form of progress.
The left desire these things for all the human race.....except for themselves.

reliapundit said...

YUP, what terrye said: leftists are fundamentally statists. as long as a tyarnt offers healthcare they'll forgive anything else he does.

Ed onWestSlope said...

peter uk wrote
.....except for themselves
That phrase says so much and actually is the basis of the argument against the policies and philosophy.

Buddy Larsen said...

The tell of tells is what they do with their own dough. Teddy Kennedy's fierce battle to save the estate tax doesn't include his own dough, which his family passes tax-free using an offshore trust in Fiji. And Katrina Vandenheuval (sp?) took her estate tax case to the friggin' Supreme Court. But how they love it for thee and me. Those are just two obvious screamers.

chuck said...

I sent a letter to Norm Geras to this effect after the Euston Manifesto was published. I pointed out that the left had spent the last century actively working against most of Euston's articles and that social justice was probably incompatible with liberty in any case. I got a rather curt reply but didn't expect anything different. The man has spent his life as a devoted scholar of Marxism (one step below astrology, IMHO), and it would have been astonishing if he had said, "You're right, my life's endeavor has been totally bogus." But someday he will have to move in that direction.

Knucklehead said...


I've long thought that the Great Leftist Dream is a return to hunter-gatherer status for all humans with, of course, the besser-wissers deciding who hunts what and when, gathers what and when, and who gets the produce of what is hunted and gathered - how much and when.

If only we would all let them tell us how to spend every moment not actively engaged in sex, drugs, or art, we'd all be so much happier.

God grief how I loathe leftists. The world would be such a better place if they'd just go away into their communes and quietly starve and disease themselves to death and leave the rest of us to eak our meager existences.

Buddy Larsen said...

I could stand 'em if they were really 'for' the downtrodden. Or if they'd admit that in truth capitalism is the only thing that *can* lift the downtrodden (other than the temporary one-and-done robbing of "the rich"). Either admission would make them much more palatable, as rank will-to-powerists. It's the hypocrisy that so stinks up the world.