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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - The Great Blogosphere Brawl - Blog | Blogs | Popular Blogs | Video Blogs: "I return to the opening sentence of this column, '[B]logs reveal the emotions churning beneath the surface of hard news.' It is not possible to understand the headlines without appreciating what drives this issue into prominence and that attitude into disrepect. The motor is often a raw unrepentant rage that takes no ideological prisoners on either side of the left-right divide.

The rabid them-or-us attitude must not be allowed to guide mainstream advocacy. It should be exposed for what it is: ugly and destructive to everyone."


Buddy Larsen said...

The blogosphere IS too hot. Ideologues should be taken out and shot, and their goods burned, and their families sold into slavery.

Ed onWestSlope said...

As peter uk commented above
.....except for ourselves.

Just as long as my bought slaves can take good care of my lawn.

terrye said...

It is too hot and that goes for a lot of us. I am a lot more obnoxious than I used to be. Hard as that might be too believe.

Seneca the Younger said...

No you're not, terrye.