Sunday, July 16, 2006
Treppenwitz (an Israeli blogger) provides the model of restraint that I fervently hope Israel practices until the situation with Hezbollah is resolved. Leaving the decision as to whether to continue or take the matter to conclusion to Hezbollah seems a very reasonable thing to do. I wonder if Hezbollah will be smart enough to learn the magic words?

UPDATE: Condi supports Treppenwitz
"SECRETARY RICE: I can tell you that -- of course, we want violence to end. But I can tell you right now if violence ends on the basis of somehow Hezbollah or Hamas continuing to hold in their hands the capabilities anytime they wish to start launching rockets again into Israel, if violence ends on the basis of no change in the underlying political support for Resolution 1559 or for the work that President Abbas is doing, if violence ends on the basis of Syria and Iran being able to turn on the key again anytime, we will have achieved very, very little, indeed, and we will be right back here, perhaps in a worse circumstance because the terrorists will assume that nobody is willing to take on what has been a very clear assault now on the progress that is being made by moderate forces in the Middle East."


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Bravo, indeed. On those occasions when Condi says stuff like that, my imagination conjures up the sights and sounds of her playing Chopin and my heart just goes pitter-patter.