The Belmont Club: The Terrible Ifs Accumulate

Sunday, July 16, 2006
The Belmont Club: The Terrible Ifs Accumulate: "If Sheehan is right, then the Global War on Terror would have failed. A focused attack on extremism will have been supplanted by an uncontrolled clash between peoples, religions and cultures. But we are not there yet. There's still a chance, and the rulers of the Middle East are hoping that this thing can be pulled back from the brink and the fires focused on Hezbollah, then possibly on a narrow coterie in Teheran. But if that way forward fails, a large part of the blame will historically fall on those who forced the West to fight the war against terrorists with politically correct half-measures. Who created the dinky rules which made it impossible to excise abominations like Hezbollah and Hamas. Or even to question them. And perhaps made it even necessary to fund them. Their good intentions or fecklessness have made the terrible alternative that stares us in the face likely. Let us only hope that they have not made it inevitable."


Syl said...

As I again hear George Mitchell on CNN calling for a ceasefire so we can get back to the famous status quo.

Which status quo? The one before Israel's existence? The one before Arafat? The one before the taking of our embassy in Tehran? The one before the terrorist attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Africa, the Cole?

The status quo beofre 9/11? Or before Afghanistan? Or before Iraq?

Please explain which damn status quo you mean.

David Thomson said...

“Please explain which damn status quo you mean”

The status quo where the Democrats are in power. They know how to host the best white wine and brie cheese get-togethers. Sadly, the Republicans are too boring and uptight. The Islamic militant leaders will become dovish if they spend a mere ten minutes with Bill Clinton. Our former president knows the best dirty jokes.

Luther McLeod said...

Slight correction David. Our illustrious former, lived the best dirty jokes.

chuck said...
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chuck said...

I think the Democrats should hire someone to dig up Arafat's bones so they can mount a skeleton and ship it around to shake hands with concerned parties. Worked great for Clinton.

I wonder if the Democrats have polled this position or if they are just playing to the international audience? Hmmm, on second thought I suspect they believe this stuff and are acting out of conviction. To me they sound more and more like echoes from a past falling down a very deep hole. The present has slipped from their grasp.

terrye said...

I fear tht as far as a lot of people are concerned it comes down to theis: When Democrats were running things gas was cheap and if there was fighting in the ME we did not hear as much about it.

but then again, I don't see people showing a lot of confidence in the Democrats on these issues either. It might be that they wonder who Clinton was making deals with.

vnjagvet said...

Sometimes the boil needs lancing before the infection can begin healing.

It seems likely to me we are observing an analogous phenomonon in the ME.

Does anyone have links to respectable Israeli news organizations?

It seems to me they are less hysterical than our press.