Cyber Silence

Monday, July 10, 2006
Protein Wisdom continues to flicker in and out of being at his new server. One moment the site is up, the next it is down - or comments are unreachable. It's apparent that the DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks against his previous host worked but it's possible that his new host may be just having some technical glitches for the moment.

I've watched this interrnet soap opera evolve over a week or two and I'm beginning to wonder if some coordination is involved in the adjunct dimwit's actions. I don't think she has any more technical know how than that required to wind a clock but she's out of Merritt's stable and Merritt is a dedicated leftist with scruples to match. Is cyber vandalism the next arrow to be fired by the Kosola Kids? Pounding their cups on the high chair isn't working too well and assigning trolls (which occurs regularly at JOM) doesn't have much impact so the next step is just breaking the microphone?

I hope the source of the DOS attacks is discovered so that the question can be answered. Digital brown shirt techies are no big deal but tieing them to a coordinated effort would be as much fun as seeing Democratic party activists kids being jailed for slashing tires.

UPDATE: The Truth Laid Bear has an interesting thread going on possible solutions. I suppose making spamming a capital offense is too much to hope for.


loner said...

Interesting weekend:

Reviewer (who, thankfully, doesn't fit the Morgan definition of "critic") finds he doesn't have anything to write about the movie being reviewed that the reviewer, at least, hasn't already read and doesn't have to do with the ending.

Elsewhere Lieberman (indirectly) and Guiliani (directly) are discussed and the reviewer doesn't comment, but does smile a lot.

Site reviewer occaisionally visits because he likes style is often unavailable and when available is mostly about being unavailable. Reviewer is reminded of some ugly Prodigy incidents involving far more intrusive violations of privacy that occurred back in 1993-94. Reviewer used his own name back then and was only marginally involved in the ugliness.

Site reviewer used to think content rich continues to be a parody of what it once was. No one debates Iraq. Duh.

Meanwhile, great TV sports day Sunday...

Federer can still beat Nadal on grass, the Golden Ball goes to a player who will be most remembered for a head butt when tied late, Immelman finally wins and does so by holding off Tiger, the all-but-dead Angels soar during the last ten days before the break and the horse who might have been "The One" develops life-threatening complications.

...and a great movie business weekend as sequel/prequel pirate movie over two and one-half hours long makes a lot of money and one is left to wonder what the take would have been had they improved it by making it a one and three-quarter hour movie.


Think California's 2008 Primary will make any difference in who the respective party nominees are?

Rick Ballard said...

I hadn't thought about that possibility so I went to check on a few things.

Here is the best primary calendar site and here are two sites with respective delegate counts. After careful study and reflective analysis I can definitely say "I dunno".

I'm still only about 70% sure that Miz Clinton is actually running and there aren't any Reps with more than a 1 in 5 probability of running that I can find. Lots who would like to run - if the wind is blowing from the right direction.

loner said...
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loner said...


I don't agree there. Every politician of a certain age and birthright who aspires to be President knows that he (or she) may never again have as good an opportunity to win his (or her) parties' nomination as he (or she) will have in 2008. Most will be gone before February ends, but the question is whether or not one or the other of the nominations will be undecided come June.

It's been 30 years since I voted my one and only time for Ronald Reagan and that was the last time the nominee in either party wasn't a foregone conclusion by the time Californians voted. Of course, in that year, the Republican nominee wasn't decided until the convention.

It would be fun to see something like that happen again, but, I fear, it's asking too much of the current system. Still...