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Monday, July 10, 2006
"The Sting," or "Your Netroots are Showing"; or "Lefty Wackos Eat Their Own", or "Is Kos a CIA Agent-Provocateur?" - Maggie's Farm: "what if something wierd is going on? After contemplating all of the above, and recent news on the blogs, etc., one must consider all of the rumors going around that The Daily Kos blog is a Bush-CIA-RNC Nixonian construct designed to discredit the Democratic Party. Since all of the Rovian hallmarks are there, I suspect that it is likely, but I can't prove it."


David Thomson said...

What have I started? I am among the very first individuals to jokingly refer to the Daily Kos as an agent-provocateur hired by Karl Rove. Yup, it’s all my fault.

Syl said...

Oh goodie. An excuse for them to ignore all the current troubles and continue just the way they are and blame it all on Rove. :)

I was getting worred that too much exposure would worry them and they might attempt to 'reform' to the best of their ability--which isn't much. But, well.

Now they can continue just as they were and scare the electorate.

I always thought that the latest brouhaha over Kos/Armstrong was started by Hillary. Maybe so, but Rove has neutered her efforts. :)

Thanks, David. If it's your fault kudos in spades. :)

David Thomson said...

Karl Rove is very proud of my efforts. He is sending me a million dollars as a reward. I am waiting next to my mail box. The money should be here sometime later this afternoon.