New Frontiers in Victimology

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Even in deadly serious times, sometimes you have to sit back and just admire the intellectual creativitythat is possible yet within tired old blame games:
A former French military air traffic controller claims in a recently published journal article that UFO sightings can be correlated with nuclear weapons testing. Eric Julien served in the French Air Force for five years as an air traffic controller and later went on to become a senior airport manager in France. He analyses data gained from a number of sources available in France that point to UFO activity in the vicinity of nuclear weapons tests. He claims that a clear correlation exists between the 2419 nuclear tests on Earth from 1945 through 1998, and 140 cases involving radar and visual sightings of UFOs. In the article, released in the April edition of the Exopolitics Journal, he also studies the correlation between alleged UFO crash/retrievals and nuclear testing. Julien argues that the common view that UFOs pose a security threat to humanity is very likely misplaced. He concludes that it may be more likely that nuclear testing poses some kind of security threat to UFOs, and this is real reason for frequent UFO sightings on Earth.

[...]He claims that nuclear testing interrupts the space and time continuum in ways that makes humanity a direct threat to extraterrestrial civilizations that have the ability to navigate the corridors of space and time.

Eric Julien will be speaking about the threat posed by nuclear weapons testing to the extraterrestrial inhabitants of UFOs and the implications for world peace at a conference titled "Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace" in Kona, Hawaii, June 9-11, 2006. Other conference speakers include the former Canadian Defense Minister, the Honorable Paul Hellyer; and a former United States Ambassador, John MacDonald.
Heh, but at least now we have an argument the moonbats can appreciate when it comes to stopping Iran's nuke program.


terrye said...

I saw something on one of those UFO shows on Sci Fi once about allegations by French scientists that the US had indeed come upon a downed space craft and through the magic of reverse technology had developed certain new weapons and aircraft etc. How else to explain our advance?

truepeers said...

Terrye, I can understand why people believe in extra-terrestial life; I can't believe however that the government could cover up evidence of such, given that there are always leakers in support of clear and present terrestial dangers.

truepeers said...

Wouldn't it be cool if we had a weapon that could just send all the Mullahs into another space-time continuum? And why keep it a secret if we could...? It really would be put up or shut up time.

terrye said...

Yes, it would be cool. very cool.

Charles Henry said...

In order for most conspiracy theorists to believe in their conspiracies, they tend to not be able to believe in coincidence (sometimes things happen and there is no cause-and-effect, just serendipity), and human fallibility (people are people, they make mistakes, or act against their own self-interest).

Is there anything more presumptious than an academic making the following claim:
"Julien argues that the common view that UFOs pose a security threat to humanity is very likely misplaced."

Most academics can't even understand the worldview of red-state conservative christians, yet they'll now profess the ability to intuit the motives of extra-terrestrial species?