Saddam, Kim, etc, we're doing this all wrong, or not

Thursday, July 06, 2006
What did Saddam ultimately wish for, and Kim and Fidel still do:

To maintain power.

What do we ultimately wish for:

That they give up their power so their respective regimes can be transformed into something a bit more democratic and economically viable. Of course, this is not a politically correct desire. To be politically correct we must say we wish these tyrants to mind their own business and we'll leave them alone and basically we claim all we want is for them to 'play nice'.

Which they will never do.

We speak of carrots and sticks, of sanctions and incentives. Yet we give them DISincentives to leave power by hauling them through tribunals, the international courts, throwing them in jail forever, and/or executing them for war crimes.

No wonder they will fight tooth and nail to remain in power.

I propose we set up instead a lifetime vacation spot for 'retired' tyrants. Perhaps in Switzerland (preferably on the tippy top of an Alp) or even in a section of, say, Jerusalem. Or find an isolated island in the Pacific--one that is sinking an inch per century perhaps.

We monitor all their communications, limit their visitors, give them round-the-clock body guards, leave them XX amount of cash which is invested in the global economy, and allow them to purchase all and any luxury goods they may wish for their own comfort.

Then forget they exist. That includes bleeding hearts who may be concerned over their comfort.

We can force their retirement through military means if necessary. Only one tyrant allowed per country to enjoy the vacation spot. They can fight it out among themselves for who gets the honor.

We can allow a certain number of family members to join them forever. Again they can battle it out among themselves through any means they think works, including, well, murdering each other. That's not our problem.

Of course, now every two-bit tyrant wannabe will fight to get into power so eventually he, too, can become a retired tyrant. I still have to think that part through.

I actually think it will be easier to convince these tyrants to retire in peace and comfort and isolation than to convince the human rights horde to butt out of it.

Well, it's a thought anyway. All I'm hearing these days is the same ol' same ol' arguments I've been hearing for decades. I'm getting tired of it.


terrye said...

Kind of like Napoleon on his island.

Syl said...

Not really. Exile yes, but much much much much more luxurious conditions.

Luther McLeod said...

But Syl, you may have too include a few virgins!

Syl said...


You mean you think Castro and Kim want virgins too? Seems everybody wants virgins these days. I thought real men want experienced women and virgins are for the boys who aren't getting any and don't know better.

Aw heck. Castro already has his own island. Well, it's the Alps for him then.

terrye said...

I think castro and Kim might need some viagra if those virgins are going to do them any good.

Luther McLeod said...

I wasn't speaking for myself there Syl, by the way :-) And yeah, I'm sure the Swiss wouldn't mind sharing a mountain top. That way they'd be closer too their money as well.

Peter UK said...

Why inflict them on the Swiss when France has been offering this service for decades?
There is another reason,tyrants fight to stay in power,out of power they end up like Mussolini,decorating the street lighting.

Luther McLeod said...

"decorating the street lighting"

You do have a way with words PeterUK.

Yet somehow there is always another tyrant to take their place. Odd that.