I don't think Marc Shulman is alone

Thursday, July 06, 2006
Marc is fed up . Aren't we all?

Only a few short years ago, many were those who compared America to the Roman Empire at its height. This sentiment was perfectly captured by David Pryce-Jones in the September 2001 issue of Commentary, which was published before the 9/11 attacks:

America bestrides the world like a colossus. In Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, American garrisons and fleets betoken a power far more absolute than that of the Romans or the British in their time.

Following 9/11, America-as-Rome gained wider currency. The overthrow of the Taleban and, subsequently, Saddam Hussein provided empirical evidence supporting the perspectives of Pryce-Jones and others. For some, it was a cause for celebration. For others, it was a cause for despair.

Today, a different comparison with Rome seems more apt

We are faced with serious issues and problems, including our dependence on Mideast oil, an Iran intent on joining the nuclear club, and a nuclear North Korea whose leader's behavior resembles that of a two-year-old having a temper tantrum. Rather than giving these dangers their full attention, both the Republicans and the Democrats are instead focused on cementing the support of their bases for the run-up to this fall's elections.

For their part, the Republicans waste the time of Congress by forcing a meaningless debate on Iraq and supporting a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning.

For their's, the Democrats always find a way to link Iraq to whatever matter is at hand. They're running against President Bush, who isn't running—either in '06 or '08.

Washington fiddles while the world burns. I'm sick of it. A plague on both their houses.

The partisanship on display in Washington in mirrored in the blogosphere. The name-calling gets worse and worse. I'm sick of that, too.


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