smiile you innovators

Sunday, July 16, 2006
In keeping with my adoption of Dr. Leary's S M I^2 L E as the material recipe for human progress, I have great enthusiasm for some of Marvin Minksy's ideas

I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction and I find it wholly unacceptable that we are not yet able to travel to space on a regular basis and that computers are as dumb as they are and that we still die in our 80s.

I cannot wait to finish this business business and move on to something bigger... I am not likely to make a contribution in Life
Extension but AI (I^2) or Space Migration are definitely on my list. I hope I am what the recent Wired magazine article on creativity calls an "Experimental Innovator" -- a creative late bloomer whose best work is done late in life. (Wired: What Kind of Genius are You? ) There may be a couple others in this group...


Morgan said...

Best of luck in your worthy cause(s), offworld. I've also dabbled in AI, am currently dealing with more pressing demands, but hope one day to return to make a contribution, however small.